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Healthera is a Premium, Innovative & Easy-to-use NUTRITIONAL BRAND focused on everyday wellness of your family. We are dedicated to making the Premium Quality Clean Nutritional Products with International Standards that are Natural, Gluten Free, Gelatine Free & Sugar Free. We are trying to create healthy habit for daily dose of nutrition by making affordable, easy to use and delicious products filled with natural ingredients. Our product range is Cow Colostrum Products, Goat Milk Products and Healthy Gummies.

Redefining the way of conventional home cleaning.

Since the world is fighting together to make our planet a better place to live. topsky is giving their best to provide innovative, effective and high-quality green products and solutions. We deliver vegan, cruelty free, non-toxic, pet safe, baby safe, eco-friendly sanitation and cleaning products in India and among a trusted network of 13 distribution partners.

We offer environmental friendly liquid detergent, laundry liquid, fabric detergent, front load washing detergent, top load detergent and many other products with a commitment of quality, green practice and sustainable cleaning at our smart facility management. Our distributors are a trusted source of approach and each distributor has the ownership of their region that ensures customer satisfaction. To know more about the regions and distributors, connect with us


Guaranteeing the viability, reliability and safety of each product for wellbeing, health and nutrition. Emphasis of the brand is on cost-efficient, elite quality items that improve consumers health and what of living. We always create pure, organic products to extend its assortment.


We harness nature's nutrient filled ingredients and use cutting edge science to amplify their potency. Healthera founded with a mission to impact people and the globe. We have faith in nature's innate strength and potential for restoration. We only produce products of the finest quality that we can gladly offer to our fellow humans.


The objective and vision of the Healthera is to bring united by skill, innovation and technological advances in order to jointly outpace disease. We place high priority on discovering specialty nutritional supplements and beauty products to take advantage of emerging prospects for disease prevention and treatment.


Healthera is having strong back in manufacturing from scratch as we are having our own raw milk collection team, State-of art manufacturing facility and own R&D team to make the finest quality product for mankind. That’s the reason we are assuring the quality and purity of our products.


Colostrum Products

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Health Gummies

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