COLOSTROFIT CAPSULES | Pure & Natural Cow Colostrum Capsules |30% IgG |Premium Freeze-Dried| |60 Veg Capsules(500mg)

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Colostrum powder is also known as bovine colostrum, this bovine colostrum is a kind of milk produced in the initial few hours following the delivery by cows. It's possible now to acquire these nutritional supplements. Colostrum powder consists of carbohydrates, vitamins, and minerals. They contain a lot of proteins, particularly lactoferrin, growth regulators, and antibodies which control immunological reactions and stimulate growth. In addition to being packed with nutrients that combat disease and support growth. This bovine colostrum may help human beings throughout their lives by boosting immunity, treating infections, and providing other advantages. IgM antibodies are prevalent in them. It's dense in vitamins, minerals, carbs, lipids, disease-battling proteins, growth hormones, and digestive enzymes, comparable to human colostrum. Due to the cows' pasture-based diet and lack of usage of hormones, steroids or antibiotics throughout their development, our colostrum satisfies purity requirements. You can add this powder to your favourite foods and beverages.